Below are some rules that you may want to follow when it comes to choosing your wardrobe:


  • Never Ever buy anything at full price no matter how much you love it. The only exception would be if it’s a staple item that you would wear at least once a week. Everything eventually goes on sale, and you just need to be patient enough to wait. Case in point, I recently scored a $450 leather jacket at Banana Republic for $90. I waited until it was marked down to $300 with an additional 60% off. The icing on the cake? I bought it during my birthday month and got an extra 25% off.  Life Hacker, I am.


  • Don’t be afraid to take risks. I have tried many different looks, and because I used to work in an office with mostly men, they didn’t always offer a sophisticated sense of fashion. I have been called many things like Minnie Mouse, Where’s Waldo, the Hamburgler, and my most favorite was being accused of wearing the pirate shirt from that episode of Seinfeld. Just own your look, and keep your head held high even if you do look like a complete fool.



  • Know your monthly clothing allowance. There are some months in which you just can’t afford to purchase anything, so try finding ideas on Pinterest or my blog to come up with outfits with items you already have in your closet.oie_transparent (8)
  • Keep a few timeless staples in your wardrobe that can be worn year after year. You’ll see me wearing these a lot in various looks. My recommendations:
    • A chambray shirt
    • A fitted black blazer
    • A pair of comfortable, dark skinny jeans
    • A white button down shirt to layer under sweaters or to be worn on its own
    • A black skirt whether it be a pencil skirt or fit and flare
    • A fitted black turtleneck (my favorite)
    • A pair of black cropped pants


  • Make a list of your outfits for the week, so you don’t have to worry about anything during your busy workweek. I often gather new ideas from Pinterest and then make a quick list in my iPhone notes.


  • We’ve all heard this one before, but make sure you layout your outfit the night before, so you don’t feel rushed in the morning and show up to work looking like a hot mess. Nobody wants to see that.


  • Do not ruin your heels or risk injury to yourself on the streets of New York City. Just last year, my platform heel split in half in the middle of a busy intersection, instantly becoming a gladiator sandal. I caused quite a scene that day, so now I always wear my flats and carry heels in my gym bag.


  • Last, have fun with it and feel great!!