Like many of you, I have a crazy commute to work everyday. Whether I’m pushing through icebergs on a ferry ride across the Hudson, sitting in traffic on a bus ride through the Lincoln Tunnel, or taking a 5 mile per hour Path Train to Herald Square, I choose to look good doing it.

As kids, we were always told that school was not a fashion show, and we were just there to learn. However, as a working girl in the real world, I beg to differ. Your personal style defines who you are, and the world is your runway (in my case, NYC is my runway). When I look good, I feel good. This sense of confidence helps me to perform my best work everyday, and gets me excited for the workweek.

I’m an Executive Assistant working at an Ad Tech agency in New York City. As you may have guessed, I’m not exactly bringing in the big money, so it’s important that I don’t spend all that I earn on clothing. This is a very hard rule for me to follow, but I always remind myself that I need to eat if I want to look healthy enough to wear these fabulous outfits. I can show you how to rock your timeless staples in various ways to get more for your money.

Many of my friends have complimented my sense of fashion, and they often ask me to take them shopping because they struggle in this area. Since I love trying different styles, and I have on more than one occasion been recognized for my fashion leadership (true story), I’ve decided to write this blog and hook you all up with some easy outfit ideas to get you through the workweek. I hope it’s somewhat helpful!