Guest Blogger-Maya Desai

I’m excited to introduce my guest blogger, Ms. Maya Desai (a.k.a my eldest sister). Now that I’ll be entering the wondrous world of parenthood, I hope to take a page from her book and somehow keep a great sense of style and comfort, all while working full-time and raising kids. Only time will tell. Please enjoy a week of Maya’s wardrobe below.

I’m of the strange breed who feels more comfortable wearing business casual than jeans on casual Fridays.  I’m also one of the only people that doesn’t wear t-shirts and jeans to work.  I work in the Silicon Valley tech industry with a bunch of engineers where we regularly have interviewees come in dressed in cargo pants and carrying a hiking backpack (gasp!).  Just call me old school.

Luckily with the temperate weather in NoCal I can pretty much dress the same all year round.  I haven’t owned a full length coat or earmuffs for over 10 years!  I’m very much of a classic dresser but try to add pizzaz with an interesting accessory or colorful scarf, although I’m not as bold as my little sis. 

I never buy anything that I have to iron and have thrown dry clean only clothes in the washing machine more than once.  I am addicted to pencil skirts, shirt dresses (it’s like a work approved mumu!) and scarves. 

Higher than 1 inch heels are a no no for me now – I used to wear them all the time in Manhattan and walked 30 blocks in the snow!  I have kids and heels getting stuck in a wet and muddy soccer field while trying to pick them up after work is not cute.  Thankfully, there are plenty of cute flat shoes and boots out there!  I am often throwing my clothes on as I get out the door so my kids can make the first bell.

Some of my favorite places to shop for not too expensive long lasting classics are: J.Crew Factory or Sale, Ann Taylor outlet, Banana Outlet, Zara Sale, LL Bean Sale.

 I apologize for the pictures as they were taken by my children!

Outfit 1

Cardigan (I love polka dots) – J.Crew

Swing pleated stretch skirt – Ann Taylor


Outfit 2

Cardigan – Zara Sale

Pants – The Limited Sale


Outfit 3

Sweater – Target Merona

Skirt – Nordstrom Rack (Chelsea and Chloe)


Earrings – Francesca’s


Outfit 4

T-shirt Dress – Banana Republic


Outfit 5

Cardigan – Ann Taylor

Skirt – LL Bean Sale

Boots – Nordstrom Rack