Finding the Perfect Baby Shower Dress

I was lucky to have two baby showers for this little nugget. One shower was with my former colleagues, hosted by my lovely manager, and the second was with a small group of friends and family. In my quest for the perfect outfits for these two special events, I once again came across several overpriced maternity websites. Since my rule is to not spend over $50 on any maternity wear except for the winter parka I recently bought, my options were quite limited. In my defense, I wear that ugly parka with dresses that don’t even match because I don’t want to spend money on a maternity dress coat. Also, there is absolutely no more space in the tiny little coat closet of our one bedroom apartment. How will we ever fit this third roommate? Not purchasing a ton of maternity clothes is also my motivation for getting back into shape once this baby is born. The other day, I was switching out my summer and winter clothes and I yearned for the days of my cute little dresses and mini skirts with tights. I will wear those clothes again!
Back to my dress search, I eventually came across the maternity sale section at ASOS! They have so many full-priced maternity clothes that are reasonably priced already, so when you check out the sale section, it’s like hitting the jackpot! I had been eyeing this embroidered white dress when it was full-priced, so you can imagine my excitement when it finally went on sale. It’s just so soft and maternal-looking, and it worked well with some brown knee-high boots for the beautiful autumn day of my first shower.
My second baby shower was at Alice’s Tea Cup in the city, so I decided to go with a red floral dress that went great with the whimsical theme of the afternoon tea celebration. The day was rainy and gross, but the dress was comfortable enough to get me to the city from New Jersey (ok, I splurged on an Uber to get me through the Lincoln Tunnel because it was probably the last celebration in honor of myself).  I absolutely loved the dress, and I bet I could get away with wearing it after I give birth too.
Both dresses were under $50, and I can still wear them to the office which is a huge plus. Not only is ASOS great for maternity wear, but they also have a great collection of regular clothes too. I noticed that all ASOS maternity clothes will eventually hit their clearance section, so try to be patient and start eyeing your wish list way in advance. I find that a lot of the maternity clothes at other stores tend to run larger, but I’m glad I found my perfect size 2 maternity fit at ASOS. I made sure to spread the word to the other two expectant mothers in my office, so I hope they get as lucky as me!